GbR offer a wide range of theoretical and practical training courses for individuals and groups. We provide knowledge and ideas according to your needs and address your individual questions and problems.

We can train or supervise your staff personally or in telephone conferences if they whish to learn how to handle and analyze NGS data. With lectures and hands-on workshops, we bring your employees closer to the key aspects of laboratory work and bioinformatics. Finally, we can provide detailed tutorials that you can follow to reproduce our results and learn how to run the analysis yourself.

NGS and bioinformatics skills have become essential in biological research – let us help you getting up to speed with tools of the trade!

Sven Neulinger

Sven Neulinger


Bioinformatics training:

Trained bioinformaticians are hard to find. A good option is to hire a rough diamond and train this person as a bioinformatician. We offer you our assistance in supervising the work of your bioinformatician for analyses that the person can carry out independently. In this way, you can expand the know-how of your institution or company and at the same time handle projects efficiently.

The most significant advances for your are:

  • Time savings in project monitoring
  • Realizing projects with students
  • Develop your internal know-how


Workshops can be a good opportunity to inform your employees about relevant topics of genomics and bioinformatics. The workshops are tailored to your needs, but usually include a short series of lectures on topics such as “Variant calling” or “How to analyze microbiome samples”. Let us know what the key issues in your industry are, and we can suggest how to train your staff with a workshop.

The most important advantages:

  • Train your employees in a simple way
  • Get fresh ideas for your projects
  • Get to know solutions for your common problems.

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