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Professional microbiome profiling service

omics2view.consulting GbR offer a wide range of microbiome diagnostics. Our certified partner laboratories employ highly standardized NGS methods to enable accurate and precise determination of microbial community composition from a wide variety of sources. We are proud to be entrusted with the analysis of microbial samples by a large number of public and private institutions. Become one of them!


We offer highly standardized NGS microbiome analyses for:

  • Human health
  • Agriculture
  • Environmental monitoring

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Probiotics & Biotherapeutica
The microbiome becomes the starting point of a new generation of probiotic and therapeutically effective bacteria. Our services identify candidate bacteria and support the development of new product lines.

Antibiotics (AB)
The use of AB changes the human intestinal microbiome. We can monitor the effect of AB over time and provide information about the resilience of human gut microbiota after completion of AB administration.

Fecal Transplantation (FT)
FT is used to restore the human intestinal microbiome after antibiotic administration. It is also employed as a treat for a variety o diseases. Our detailed analyses during treatment with FT enable us to accurately document the course and success of FT.

Pathogen Monitoring
NGS is used as a diagnostic tool in an increasing number of clinical applications. It enables standardized and accurate identification of pathogenic bacteria in patients as well as in the clinical environment as possible sources of infection for patients.

Clincial Studies
We also offer accurate and standardized microbiome profiling service for clinical trials.


Environmental Monitoring & Ecology
Microbial communities are the most critical component in every ecosystem. Our assays and accurate analyses of environmental samples from a wide variety of environmental sources allow accurate determination of the microbial composition in samples as well as an assessment of diversity and function.

Soil Amendment
Different fertilization techniques have different effects on the soil microbiome and the resulting crop yield. Microbiome analysis offers the possibility to develop novel soil modifications and to take more targeted measures based on the relationship between microbial community composition and soil quality.

Your advantage

  • Full standardized service
  • High analysis quality
  • Elaborate and detailed report
  • Short turnaround time
  • Competitive prices


Aspects of subsequent bioinformatic and statistical data analysis must be taken into account as early as the project planning stage. Get profound assistance to lead your project to success.