We analyze microbiome data from any source!

As experts for metagenomic analysis, microbiome taxonomic and functional profiling, we offer bioinformatic analysis of:

  • Amplicon sequencing data (e.g., bacterial 16S rRNA gene)
  • Shotgun metagenomic data
  • Shotgun metatranscriptomic data

Adhering to the current gold standards in microbiome data analysis, yet flexible to respond to your needs, we accompany your clinical and ecological microbiome projects from study design to publication. Sequencing of amplicon or shotgun libraries on can be carried out on Illumina® sequencing platforms.

Microbial profiling and functional analysis

Whether you are just interested in the taxonomic composition of the microbial community in your samples or need complex analyses of diversity, functional genes or metabolic pathways: our experts deliver individualized services and enable you to assess the effect of clinical treatments or ecological variables on microbial communities.