Close cooperation between the Berlin-based company Acaryon GmbH and GbR. Both companies have officially entered into a cooperation in order to be even more active and networked in the field of microbiome research and microbial analysis in the future. As with many other companies, GbR now also supports Acaryon GmbH with expertise in […]

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In marker gene amplicon sequencing, microbial composition is derived from the abundance of amplicon sequences in the sample data. Traditionally, sequences within a certain similarity threshold were clustered into Operational Taxonomics Units (OTUs). The method of clustering and the value of the threshold have been controversial ever since. A more accurate alternative to the traditional […]

Benefit now from our exhaustive expertise in sequencing and take advantage of our bioinformatic services for whole-genome, whole-exome, capture, and amplicon data. Whole-genome (re-)sequencing, Whole-exome sequencing, Amplicon sequencing Our service includes mapping of sequences to a reference (re-sequencing data), calculation of quality metrics, base coverage, SNP calling, SNP type, SNP quality scores, amino acid change, […]

We visited the CeBIT 2017 trade fair in Hannover (Germany) to present our business idea of highly customized bioinformatic and biostatistical services on next-generation sequencing data. We are grateful for the fruitful discussions and business match-making organized by ‘Kieler Wirtschaftsförderungs- und Strukturentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH’. launches a new bioinformatic service: We now offer predictive functional profiling from your 16S rRNA data. This aproach links taxonomy information from 16S rRNA gene data to functional information (e.g., metabolic pathways) inferred from closely related taxa with sequenced genomes. Predictive functional profiling is a powerful and cost-efficient alternative to shotgun metagenomics, especially with […]

Find this new article on the “Historical Perspective on the Rise and Fall of Antibiotics and Human Weight Gain”. Enjoy your day Your team

As one of the most innovative scientific newcomers in Schleswig-Holstein, GbR has been invited to attend the 6th Entrepreneurs’ Innovation Summer School in June. We feel truly honored and are looking forward to this event.

We had a great time at the annual Illumina User Group meeting in Berlin. Thanks to Illumina for such a great conference and program! We enjoyed it very much! GbR is now a member of the Life Science Nord cluster, one of the leading life science networks in Europe. In addition, we will contribute to the network’s current QUALIFIT project with the authoring of e-learning modules on bioinformatics and biostatistics.