You provide the samples, we do the rest

Omics research projects, whether for publication or internal reporting, require careful planning, sound methodology and accurate analysis. We support companies and university research groups in translating ideas into concrete project plans and sampling strategies. We take care of sample preparation, sequencing, and data analysis so that you and your team can concentrate on the biological and medical interpretation of the results. Of course, we are also pleased to help you with the interpretation and reporting of the results.

We believe that research services should be as individual as your scientific project.

Sven Neulinger

Sven Neulinger

Project definition

We jointly define with you the objectives of your project and draw up a step-by-step plan of necessary measurements and analyses to achieve these objectives. We provide you with an overview of the costs and schedule for your project, and adapt it according to your feedback.

Sampling and Measurement

Sampling and measuring environmental covariates are carried out by your trained staff. Keep in mind that your results can only be as good as the samples and measurements that you collect. With our long-term experience in ecological and medical research, we can provide consulting on sampling if necessary.


Your samples are processed by selected certified sequencing service partners. Once we have received your samples, we take care of all communication, logistics and paperwork related to sample processing and keep you updated on the progress of the work. The analysis of the resulting sequencing data is accomplished by GbR.


Both sample input material and resulting sequencing data are subject to quality control. In this way, we make sure that the results we deliver are based on reliable data.

Data analysis

We analyze your data bioinformatically and statistically lege artis and according to the rules of good scientific practice. If necessary, we develop a custom-tailored pipeline that you can also acquired to analyze similar future data on your own. You receive a detailed analysis report containing publication-ready method descriptions, tables, and figures.


We want our clients to thoroughly understand the results we provide. For this reason, we not only comment on important points in our analysis report, but also discuss the results with you in order to clarify any questions you may have. If you need your data, tables, or figures in a different format or layout, we gladly provide it.

Have a pleasant project—with GbR.