Artificial intelligence (AI) can specifically support projects by estimating the outcomes for unseen data with trained machine learning models. It becomes an integral part of modern medicine, biology and healthcare.

Take the opportunity to implement your scientific AI project with GbR. We are happy to discuss and plan your project with you and implement the project goals. Depending on the requirements we use different AI techniques.

A medical application could be for example the modeling via decision trees for the prognosis of the risk of heart disease based on different variables like age, gender, cholesterol level, maximum pulse et c possible.

Artificial neural networks (ANN) are inspired by the human brain and can be used for machine learning and artificial intelligence. These networks can be used to solve various problems in a computer-based manner. Among other things, they are used in the processing of data for forecasting as well as in image recognition and classification.

We offer AI in the fields of medical imaging, clinical trials, scientific projects, diagnostics and more..

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