Rapidly developing sequencing methods and analytical techniques facilitate insight into free-living and host-associated microbiota. We offer various NGS applications to study microbes (bacteria, archaea, viruses, and microeukaryotes – including fungi) in human tissue, plant, soil, sediment, water, feces, and other samples:

  • Amplicon deep sequencing (16S rRNA, 18S rRNA, ITS2, functional marker genes)
  • Predictive functional profiling (based on 16S rRNA data)
  • Shotgun metagenomics
  • Metatranscriptomics
  • Viral metagenomics
  • Phylogenetic analysis

Whether you are just interested in the composition of the microbial community in your samples or need complex microbiome analyses regarding diversity, functional genes, metabolic pathway analysis or whole genomes: we deliver fully customized services. Our experts have long-term experience in microbial research, including:

  • Marine/aquatic microbiology
    • Algal microbiota (hosts Fucus vesiculosus, Gracilaria vermiculophylla)
    • Cnidaria-associated microbes (hosts Lophelia pertusa, Aurelia aurita)
    • Microbiota from extreme habitats (salt lakes, marine oxygen minimum zones)
  • Nutrition
    • Probiotics
    • Prebiotics
  • Clinical microbiomics
    • Human microbiome analysis
    • Gut microbiome analysis (human and mouse hosts)
    • Antibiotics
    • Fecal transplantation
    • Microbe-cancer interrelation
  • Infectious diseases
    • Sarcoidosis
    • Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea

Concentrate on biology – leave the technicalities to us

With our full microbiome analysis services, you can draw conclusions about the influence of clinical or ecological variables in your experiment or sampling campaign. There will be no need for any data processing on your part. Our detailed analysis reports facilitate biological interpretation and rapid publication of results. Finalize your project quicker – with us!