Fungi / Fungal community analysis

Got shrooms?

Fungi play a major role in many ecosystems, human health, and biotechnological processes (namely in food industry). Phylogenetic markers, namely Internal transcribed spacers (ITS), are commonly employed for characterization of fungal communities. Next-generation sequencing allows in-depth analysis of fungal community structure. We deliver comprehensive analyses of the structure of your fungal community in ecological and clinical samples, based on:

  • ITS1 or ITS2 regions
  • 18S rDNA (on request)

We use model-based multivariate statistics to determine the response of fungi to environmental factors. Moreover, we apply network analysis to unravel interactions of community members. This will help you to identify:

  • Shifts in fungal community structure
  • Habitat-specific indicator taxa
  • Association patterns
  • Environmental factors governing fungal distribution

Our experts will be happy to assist you with your project. For academic clients we procure sequencing of amplicon or genomic libraries on Illumina® MiSeq™ and NextSeq™ platforms.

Our experts will be happy to discuss your personal clinical microbiome project.