We offer various NGS applications to study microbes (bacteria, archaea, and microeukaryotes – including fungi) in human tissue, plant, soil, sediment, water, feces, and other samples.

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  • Amplicon Sequencing

    PCR-based sequencing of marker genes such as 16S and ITS is a cost-effective way to gain insights into the composition of microbial communities in samples.
  • Shotgun Metagenomics

    Facilitate functional profiling of microbial communities without PCR amplification bias.

  • Shotgun Metatranscriptomics

    Determine microbial activity, differential gene expression across species and active metabolic pathways.

  • Genome Sequencing

    Whole-genome sequencing (re- / de-novo sequencing) provides high-resolution genetic information of single microbial organisms.

Leave the technicalities to us

With our full microbiome analysis services, you can draw conclusions about the influence of clinical or ecological variables in your experiment or sampling campaign. There will be no need for any data processing on your part. Our detailed analysis reports facilitate biological interpretation and rapid publication of results. Finalize your project quicker – with us!