• Microbiome profiling

    Reliable bioinformatic analysis of your bacterial, viral, and fungal microbiome data.

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  • All-inclusive sample processing

    You provide the samples. We provide the rest. From DNA and RNA isolation to library preparation, next-generation sequencing, and integrated data processing.

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  • Finding Life in Data

    Custom-tailored statistical analysis of your biological data. With publication-ready figures and tables.

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  • Become a data scientist yourself!

    Learn the effective application of bioinformatic tools and statistical programming from experienced scientists.

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  • Variant detection

    Accurate identification of genetic variants and mutations from your amplicon, WGS, WES and RNA-Seq data.

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Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) has fundamentally changed the perspective on scientific and diagnostic questions. The ability to produce large quantities of sequence data at a low price led to a series of groundbreaking discoveries and heralded a new era in bioinformatic and biostatistical data analysis.

We, omics2view.consulting GbR, are an expert company offering comprehensive solutions in all aspects of NGS. In cooperation with qualified network partners, we provide a uniquely broad and deep spectrum of services for sequencing, life science data mining, and high-level bioinformatic and biostatistical data analysis.

Our team combines many years of professional experience and methodological know-how in NGS with extensive knowledge in study design, clinical research and diagnostics, human genetics, molecular biology, clinical microbiology, and microbial ecology. Our high-performance infrastructure, continuous training, and ongoing collaboration with scientists from various life science disciplines enable us to work efficiently and solution-oriented with clients all over the world.

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